The 2017 Budget was approved as submitted. The monthly assessments will remain the same as 2016. The Marina assessment has also been lowered to $23.40 per month, please adjust your payment as needed.  The Budget is posted on the financial page of this website.

The laundry room code has been change to 1209.
The laundry room is for residents use only, please remember to keep it clean, wiping out machines when you are done, especially of any pet fur! Thanx!

The Wine Cellar is now open to all residents. The code is 1209, if you plan on using the Wine Cellar for more than a few hours, please notify Suzanne to avoid any double bookings.

Parking passes are required on all vehicles parked in the community. All residents vehicles must be registered at front office. Decals should be on rear window of residents cars, guest passes should be displayed on rearview mirror of those visiting. Guest passes are valid for 72 hours or less. No storing of vehicles is allowed. Vehicles not registered or without decals/passes will be towed. See parking policy 2009-02 on Policy Notes page.

Charcoal grills, open fire pits and chimeneas are not allowed in the community. Violation letters will be given to those who have these items on their balconies, patios and walkways. Fines will be assessed to those who do not remove them.

Large trash items should be broken down and placed in the dumpster.  No large furniture should be placed in dumpster. Please let your tenants know there is a charge for trash left outside the dumpster. Don’t BE a Litter BUGPlease remember to close the dumpster doors after putting garbage in.

We kindly ask that if you are a smoker please do not throw the cigarette butts in the common areas.  This is so unsightly and cost the community time and money for cleanup.  This is still a problem.